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Last updated 29 Jun 2022
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Season 2023

Season 2023

Registration is now closed

Event Dates

StartMonday 9 January 2023

FinishSaturday 2 September 2023

Registration Dates

OpenMonday 9 January 2023

CloseFriday 30 June 2023

FeesTerms and conditions

Welcome to the 2023 Football Outdoor season. Registration will be for the S.C. Corinthians Football Inc.

1. Registration must be made through Play Football at the below link. Once you have registered with PlayFootball it will direct you to the Squadi Platform so that payment can be made.

2. Once you are registered in Play Football, you will then complete your profile and payment via the following link:

Any payment enquiries please send to

Remember S.C. Corinthians Football Inc. accept the $150 Fair Play vouchers as well which can be added in the payment section for 18 and under. Please send them through to as soon as possible.

Registrations are for players aged 5 in 2023 up to senior men and ladies. Just note the following:
*5-year-olds play in the under 6 competition.
*Please register in your age group, even if playing up.
*Senior Ladies to sign as either a senior player (18 and over) or in their age group eg Under 15 (14-15-year-olds) and Under 17 (16-17-year-olds).
* Senior Men includes the following teams: Local Men, FQPL and Under 23's. Please register as a senior player (18 and over) or in their age group eg Under 15 (14-15-year-olds) and Under 17 (16-17-year-olds). Please specify the division you would be interested in playing.

3. UNIFORMS: It is a requirement that Corinthians Socks and Shorts are worn at each game. Please make your purchases from Uniform shop on our website. We have a large range of Supporter Apparel available to purchase.

Please contact either or Junior Registrar at


    • Juniors
    • 180 Under 5 - Under 10
    • 210 Under 11
    • 210 Under 12
    • 275 Under 13
    • 350 Under 15
    • 350 Under 17
    • Seniors
    • 440 Senior Ladies (18 & Over)
    • 455 Senior Men (18 & Over)

We offer the following payment options:
Credit / Debit CardPayment Plan, Bank Transfer

S.C. Corinthians Club would like to thank Complete Cents Bookkeeping Solutions for their sponsorship.
Complete Cents Bookkeeping Solutions
We provide a premium bookkeeping service that encompasses all levels of the bookkeeping function.
Phone 0417 403 842

Terms and conditions

  • I accept the S.C. Corinthians Football Inc. Terms and conditions provided at

    These terms and conditions need to be accepted to move further, however also need to be accepted in the Play Football registration form as well. Below are other requirements for registering and fees.

    Other Conditions of Registering with S.C. Corinthians Football Inc.

    Registration: Registration in Play Football is required each season. You must be registered with S.C. Corinthians Football Inc. with the FFA via Play Football and approved by S.C. Corinthians to play for a team. When registering in Play Football, remember to choose S.C. Corinthians Football Inc. in the options presented.

    Fees: Sign-On fees are inclusive of all playing costs. There are no weekly match fees at the club. Fees must be paid by the start of the season begins or a payment plan is organised.

    Payment Plans: S.C. Corinthians Football Inc. offer a very affordable (interest-free) payment plan option for your registration fees. This option provides you with the flexibility to pay the registration fee over a reasonable period and minimizes the strain of an initial lump sum. Please do not hesitate to contact either or for any assistance should you not be able to meet your payment plan. Failure to adhere to the payment plan without notice will result in your participation being placed on HOLD.

    2022 Season Outstanding Debts: It is important to note that if you have not paid your fees or any fines in full for the 2022 season then participation in the 2023 season will not be possible until these debts are settled.

    Fair Play Vouchers: If you have a child aged under 18 and are eligible for the QLD Government Fair Play Voucher please send your voucher to, so that this can then be processed by the club.

    Thank you for choosing S.C. Corinthians Football Inc.